Generating a Valentine’s Day buzz is about knowing your audience and engaging with them in a measurable and meaningful manner. It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your creativity and engage with your customers in a unique way. We’ve rounded up three highly successful campaigns that we’ve been loving this month… 

  • Love and joy was spread quite literally across Paris thanks to FunnyHowFlowersDoThat and their quirky #cupidrone campaign. How? By the power of a flower of course! An aptly named ‘Cupid Drone’ dropped roses onto unsuspecting couples and strangers throughout the city. A clever example of how technology can be used to forge a human connection with a brand that lasts long after the flower fades. 
  • This year the nut butter brand Pip & Nut will be celebrating Valentine’s Day via a pop-up shop that will allow people to blend their own variety, personalise a jar, learn about the product range and even have a post office allowing visitors to send Valentine’s Day cards. This is a brilliant example of a brand enhancing the customer experience and turning shoppers into raving fans. 
  • We can always rely on good ol’ Greggs to tap into an opportunity to raise the brand profile in a unique and quirky way. In 2018 they transformed their shops into romantic restaurants with candles, classic music and candelabras all adding to the immersive experience. 

So, whether you love or loathe Valentines Day it’s undoubtedly an opportunity for clever companies to stand out against the competitive noise and build brand devotion in a unique and shareable way. 

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2020 is well underway and the festive frenzy feels like a long and distant memory; as does my ill-fated and woefully feeble attempt at Dry February. One trend I will get behind however is the unstoppable rise of the experience economy. It’s an exciting and creative time in the marketing world and here at Mascot Staffing we’re ready to rise to the challenge.

More and more, brands must work harder to enhance the customer journey and engage with audiences in an authentic and memorable way to cut through that competitive clutter. Put plainly, customers expect more. Here are a few of our priorities as we dive into 2020:

Research industry trends and identify opportunities that spark long term engagement and drive exceptional ROI for our clients

Use targeted events and opportunities as the backdrop for personalised, human and measurable interactions that enhance brand loyalty

Harness the power of people, data and insight to create conversation around campaigns

So there we have it – a very brief snapshot of just a few of our focuses for the New Year. It’s a brand new decade and with it comes a wealth of opportunities for leading brands to deliver experiences all year long. Want to discuss more? I’m available for collaboration opportunities that include conversations and coffee!